Wednesday, April, 11

Opening ceremony. Welcome session

Plenary session: “Strategic goals and objectives for promotion of minerals and raw sector and mining equipment”

Press conference of the federal executive bodies and leading mining enterprises


Thursday, April, 12

Conference: “Enterprise diversification of defense industry of Russia, perspectives of mining development and sustainable use of mineral resources”

Round Table: “ROSATOM as a technology transfer in mineral sector”

Conference: “The mining law promotion as a precondition for sustainable development of the Russian mineral sector”

Presentation projects and stocktaking of the International youth contest of projects “Resources of asteroids. Exploration and extraction”


Friday, April, 13

Round table: “Development of the system of professional qualifications (in conjunction with unions of professional qualifications, such as mining and metallurgical, oil and gas) and qualification requirements of the civil service”

Conference: “Issues of public and corporate policies in the field of training and retention of highly qualified engineering, scientific and working specialists for the primary sector of the country’s economy: seeking solutions”

International scientific conference of the Academy of mining sciences

Conference: “Technogenic mining sites: promoting minerals recycling projects and rehabilitation of territories”

Conference: “Safety and efficiency. Technological solutions in subsoil use”


Saturday, April, 14

International summit: “Mineral resources of the Earth. Forecasts. Scenario. Responsibility”

Round table: “Financial instruments of updating fixed assets and acceleration of the introduction of innovative technologies in mining”

Investors’ Summit: “Presentation of Innovative Solutions for the Mining Industry”

Plenary session: “Developing mineral resources of the Arctic zone and the Far East. Promotion of the scientific and technological capacity”

Meeting with Veterans of the Mining industry


* There could be revisions of the framework, please contact us for further information