Terms for guests


Welcome to the 2018 GORPROMEXPO exhibition and forum. Please note that while visiting Gostiny Dvor you should follow the rules laid down for the purpose of your safe and comfortable stay.

  1. You are required to wear a standard visitor badge issued as a confirmation of your registration to enter the exhibition premises. The visitor badge is issued on the basis of an e-ticket, an invitation, or a filled and printed Visitor Questionnaire.
  2. The admittance of visitors may be limited on business communication days specified on the official website.
  3. Children younger than 14 will be admitted to the exhibition only in the company of adults.
  4. Visitors are admitted to Gostiny Dvor through designated entrances, information about which is posted in advance on the official website www.gorpromexpo.ru
  5. Before entering the Gostiny Dvor premises, visitors undergo special control and a personal inspection, including the inspection of hand luggage and personal belongings (Federal Law No 35 dated 06.03.2006 in the edition dated 08.11.2011, Federal Law No 298 dated 15.11.2010, Moscow City Law No 45 dated 21.11.2007 in the edition dated 26.06.2013, Recommendations of the Expert Board under the Moscow City Duma’s Security Commission “On Additional Security Measures for Public Places” dated 04.02.2011, and Federal Law No 150 dated 13.12.1996 “On Weapons”).
  6. Visitors are compelled to strictly follow the orders of Gostiny Dvor security guards in case of an emergency on the Gostiny Dvor premises.
  7. Whenever a visitor finds unattended or suspicious objects on the Gostiny Dvor premises, he or she should immediately notify a Gostiny Dvor security guard or an employee of the Exhibition Directorate.
  8. It is prohibited:

–to pass badges to third parties;

– to bring in any types of firearms, gas-powered weapons, or cold steel;

– to bring in explosives, flammable materials, any type of pyrotechnics, and toxic, poisonous or corrosive substances;

– to bring in and consume alcoholic beverages, and narcotic and psychotropic substances, and to visit the premises under the influence of alcoholic, narcotic, or toxic substances;

– to bring pets to the Gostiny Dvor premises;

– to enter restricted areas and rooms, and to use service and technological entrances and driveways;

– to move around the Gostiny Dvor premises using bicycles, scooters, roller skates and similar means of transportation and sports gear;

– to do anything that can endanger the complex’s property, life and health of people present on the Gostiny Dvor premises, or  create impediments and breach security;

– to organize and hold on the Gostiny Dvor premises unpermitted rallies, demonstrations, marches, and pickets, as well as unauthorized advertising campaigns and flash-mobs;

– to write on walls and other surfaces, put up and distribute printed products, posters, flyers and other information and advertising content, and conduct propaganda activity;

– to leave children unattended;

– to wear dirty clothes and carry luggage, items and food which can stain visitors and exhibits;

– to smoke indoors and outdoors except in places designated for smoking on the complex’s premises (Federal Law No 15 dated 23.02.2013 “On Health Protection from Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Consequences of Tobacco Consumption”);

  1. Visitors can be denied access or asked to leave the Gostiny Dvor premises if they:

– refuse to undergo a personal inspection, including the inspection of their hand luggage and personal belongings;

– are under the influence of alcoholic, narcotic, or toxic substances;

– try to bring forbidden items into the Gostiny Dvor premises;

– disturb the public peace or practice begging;

– fail to follow these rules and orders given by officials consistent with current Russian laws.

     10. The violators may be handed over to the police if necessary.

  1. Gostiny Dvor visitors can:

– ask for urgent medical assistance;

– receive information about the current event.